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You Called Me Friend by Fred Hammond

Song Information
  • Song Title: You Called Me Friend
  • Album: Pages of Life - Chapters I & II
  • Artist: Fred Hammond
  • Released On: 28 Apr 1998
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

You Called Me Friend Lyrics

Verse 1
Perfect and true
Pure in all your ways
O Lord, there is none else like you, no one like you
And all these things keep me in awe of you
For i'm overwhelmed that you would call me friend

what is a man that thou art mindful of him?
Could an awesome God find common ground within?
Just to know that you delight to be with me
Fills my heart, with so much joy

Verse 2 (Solo)
Ruler of everything
You are creator, Lord and King
Willing you have taken my debt as your own
I would gladly give all to be a servant or a slave
For i'm overwhelmed that you would call me friend



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