For All Seasons

Life in Your Love Lyrics

I never dared to hope like this
That there could be a place where I belong
You met me in my brokenness 
And in Your graciousness You proved me wrong

You gave me Your heartbeat, I’m not alone
You showed me You know me, And I am home

I found my life in Your love, Your love, 
You saw me when I wasn’t enough, You were, and You called me
Out of the grave, Your grace, it changed who I was
And I’m living because 
I found my life in Your love

I've never dreamt of peace like this
That every breath could be so light and free
I’m finding I can finally rest
Within this perfect gift You offer me 

I finally know where my home is (In Your love)
I know that nothing stays broken (in Your love), 
I found a hope and a freedom
And I'm living because
I found my life in Your love

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