Fernando Ortega - Winter Song Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Winter Song
  • Album: Home
  • Artist: Fernando Ortega
  • Released On: 01 Mar 2000
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Fernando Ortega Winter Song

Winter Song Lyrics

Thrushes stir in the trees, and hide from the moonlight
High on the stony ridge, a-ll is still
The whole world is waiting
Silent as the icy stars
A holy winter
To cheer our darkened hearts

Jesus our Lord and King, born in a stable
Wrapped in rags asleep on a bed of straw
Though He is from heaven
Still it is enough for Him
He who made the mountains
And will come again to reign

Oh bl-essed night
Bright angels, are singing
For h-eaven's light
Is lying in a manger bed
Sweet Mary she kisses His head
And sings a lullab-y

Oh boundless mercy of God, beautiful mystery
The braying donkeys, sheep and birds of the air
And shepherds and sages
All have come this night
To welcome Him
Redeemer of the world


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