Disciple - Panic Room Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Panic Room (feat. Andrew Schwab)
  • Album: Love Letter Kill Shot (Deluxe)
  • Artist: Disciple
  • Released On: 18 Sep 2020
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Disciple Panic Room

Panic Room Lyrics

I want to play by my own rules
I want the courage of a fool
I want to push my luck not pull a punch
when I lose it all play it cool
I want to steal the emperor's throne
I want a kingdom for my own
I want a castle where I only care to get rich and die alone

Sometimes I scare myself, sometimes I scare myself

I try to lock these thoughts inside a tomb
But it ends up being my panic room
When the demons start digging up skeletons
The ghosts leave me with nowhere to run
Hide me away
Throw away the key
Just another day in the panic
Just another day in the panic
Just another day in the panic room

I want to unlearn what I've learned
I want to scratch until it burns
I want to DJ my own funeral to watch the tables turn
If I was to catch a rare disease
Something to bring me sympathy
No one could blame me if I made a wish for immortality 

I know you're just the same as me
We have a shared insanity
I want to be the hidden camera in your deepest darkest dreams
I wish I could hide from all this filth
Look at the walls of sand I've built
Wish I could turn my back stop getting trapped
in this cycle of gloom and guilt

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