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Pray For World Lyrics

Oh oh oh yeah
The world needs prayer

I know what i want
Said i know what i need
Forget about y'all
This prayer is for me

Selfish selfish
That's what i hear
Then i turn on the news
(Chorus: and everything just seems so clear)

Our kids are dying
To senseless balance
We show a little bit of action
Then a whole lot of silence

I was told that
(Prayer changes things)
So i'm a change the way i pray
And go against the green

And pray for the world, yeah x2
And pray for my self
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Pray for the world. x2
Cause the whole world needs help
Aaa, so much help

Where are the malcons
And where are the martins
Where are the marvins singing songs
Like whats going on
(Whats going on)

We gat natural disasters
Nuclear attacker
Falling pastors
(Still its God that im after)

I hate traffic
All these women in tarffic
Being sold for nothing
Cause somebody lust for habits

Im not saying start a riot
You gotta let go of the wheels
And let God be the pilot

Say the whole world needs help
I cant lie and say im not in need
But the world wont change if i just pray for me
Unselfishly we have to see
And to see the whole world needs help
They say the world not safe anymore
Our kids cant go to the movies, their school or the store
In every city, and every country
There is war
We need the Lord

We must stand together hand in hand
Pray one day the world would change
So we wont have to deal with this again

And the next time you pray for your self
Know someone has got it worse
And before you end yout prayer and say amen
Say i pray for the world
Any body wanna pray now
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

Anybody wanna pray now... oh Lord Lord
The whole world needs help
Every prayer is needed
The whole world needs help

The whole world needs help (repeat)

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