Tabiri - ( Prophesy )

Tabiri - ( Prophesy ) Lyrics

Eko na tenda 
I Prophesy (×3)
oh oh oh .

Verse 1: .

No eye has seen 
No ear has heard 
No mind has conceived what God has for me 
These dry bones have to live again 
I have the power to Prophesy
Greater that is me
than the one that lives in the world
No weapon formed against me shall prosper 
I am more than a conqueror
I cannot be moved nor shaken 
Demons tremble before me 
I am a Victor I'm not a victim 
That is why I Prophesy .

"Eko na tenda 
I Prophesy"
Oh oh oh .

Verse 2 : .

My God
No more oppression 
No more depression 
No isolation 
I'm no longer a prisoner 
Because I am free 
I Prophesy over my life 
that I'm the head and not the tail .

I Prophesy over my life
That I'm above and not beneath
I declare 
I'm growing stronger
I declare
I'm getting better
Im going higher
I am increasing 
And I'm moving forward .


Eko na tenda 
I Prophesy
oh oh oh .

(wewe peke nabii wa 
Maisha yako Tabiri) Prophesy .

Bridge :1 .

This is my moment 
It's my season
It's my time to shine again 
I Prophesy , I'm ready to overtake, all my blessings follow me , eccelerate, Overflow .

I say No to oppression 
No to depression 
No to every bondage 
I am blessed and I say 
No no no to failure
No to sickness 
No to curse 
No to poverty 
I say no to barrenness
Mmm no no
I say no no no no 
No no no mina katala 
Na boi na nga (*I say no)
Ugonjwa wote (*sickness)
Utasa wote (*unfruitfulness)
Matatizo yote (*problems)
MINA KATALA (I say no)
Come and see what the LORD has done... .

Bridge 2: .

Ayo Ayolele
(Iyo iyolele) .

I Prophesy blessings 
I Prophesy healing 
I Prophesy breakthrough 
Eh Tabiri ×6 .

Over your children 
Over your house 
Over your finances
Ah Tabiri× .

Mama Tabiri eh Tabiri 
Baba Tabiri eh Tabiri
Dada Tabiri eh Tabiri 
Ndoungu eh Tabiri .

Prophesy Prophesy in the holy ghost 
Unexpected blessings to locate you .

Iyo iyolele
Mama Tabiri
Mu wa toto wakho Tabiri
Dada Tabiri 
mu ndowa yako Tabiri
Baba Tabiri
Chimama baba Tabiri 
Mu kazi yako Tabiri
Mu masomo yako Tabiri .

(Iyo iyolele)

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  • Nana Lukanga

    Wonderful song ya Deborah 1 year ago

  • Berline Nkwansanga

    J'aime cette chanson 1 year ago

  • Bible Verses for Tabiri - ( Prophesy )

    Ezekiel 36 : 1

    And you, son of man, be a prophet about the mountains of Israel, and say, You mountains of Israel, give ear to the word of the Lord:

    Ezekiel 37 : 6

    And I will put muscles on you and make flesh come on you, and put skin over you, and breath into you, so that you may have life; and you will be certain that I am the Lord.

    Proverbs 18 : 21

    Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and those to whom it is dear will have its fruit for their food.