Greater Tomorrow - My Tomorrow Must be Greater Than Today

by David Ekene in African Gospel Music 86 comments

My tomorrow must be greater than today.
His hands are not short that He cannot reach you.
His eyes are never blind that He cannot see your tears.
His ears are not deaf that He cannot hear your cry.
Your tomorrow must be greater than today.
No matter what i face.
No matter what I see.
No matter what comes my way.
No matter how i cry.

One thing i know, that is definite in my heart, my tomorrow must be greater than today.
I'm gonna sing in my tomorrow.
I'm gonna dance in my tomorrow.
This is my song.
This is my story.
I'm gonna testify in my tomorrow.

Mama don't cry, you gonna sing in your tomorrow.
Papa, my brother, sister don't cry, you gonna dance in your tomorrow.
Wipe away your tears my brother, you gonna testify in your tomorrow.
Weeping endures for the night joy comes in the morning.
You gonna dance in your tomorrow.
I can see an open heaven pouring down blessings in my life.
I can see broken hearts amended.
I can see better tomorrow.
I can see the cloud has gathered.
Check me out tomorrow.
My tomorrow must be greater than today.



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86 Comments/Reviews
  • ABANDA Frank

    Your good works must always be appreciated by any one who Love's gospel music. 6 months ago

  • John Bricker

    so so terrible and encouranging to wait for tomorrow 6 months ago

  • Kelvin Matafu

    At first I was not understanding the meaning of the song, until I took time listening to it. The song puts great hope for me there is light at the end of a turnel. 6 months ago

  • Joan

    I like the song, it's a blessing to me 7 months ago

  • Eunice Azzie

    Its a wonderful song, i listen to it almost every day before starting work. When i a week or troubled at heart its one of the songs i light up my spirit with. God bless you brother
    7 months ago

  • Larwuo G.Kezelee

    The song have inspired many,and it is a blessing, it encourage one to be strong,thanks brother for this wonderful song. 7 months ago

  • Godiya Mark.

    This song always put a smile on my face, it encourages me to keep looking unto Jesus. 7 months ago

  • Amutuhaire Happiness

    it really gives me courage and sing it mostly when am troubled 7 months ago

  • Eve

    Whenever im down it lifts me up the words are powerful very encouraging tomorrow ,tomorrow, tomooorrow check me out tomorrow,that part does it for me 8 months ago

  • Chinaza

    This song really gives me encouragement ,for me not to give up no matter what l'm facing today. 9 months ago

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    Bible Verses for Greater Tomorrow - My Tomorrow Must be Greater Than Today

    Jeremiah 29 : 11

    For I am conscious of my thoughts about you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you hope at the end.

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