My Tomorrow Must be Greater Than Today

My tomorrow must be greater than today.
His hands are not short that He cannot reach you.
His eyes are never blind that He cannot see your tears.
His ears are not deaf that He cannot hear your cry.
Your tomorrow must be greater than today.
No matter what i face.
No matter what I see.
No matter what comes my way.
No matter how i cry.

One thing i know, that is definite in my heart, my tomorrow must be greater than today.
I'm gonna sing in my tomorrow.
I'm gonna dance in my tomorrow.
This is my song.
This is my story.
I'm gonna testify in my tomorrow.

Mama don't cry, you gonna sing in your tomorrow.
Papa, my brother, sister don't cry, you gonna dance in your tomorrow.
Wipe away your tears my brother, you gonna testify in your tomorrow.
Weeping endures for the night joy comes in the morning.
You gonna dance in your tomorrow.
I can see an open heaven pouring down blessings in my life.
I can see broken hearts amended.
I can see better tomorrow.
I can see the cloud has gathered.
Check me out tomorrow.
My tomorrow must be greater than today.



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Comments / Song Reviews

Benedictor Ojok There is power and spirit of the Lord in this song. 4 days ago
Ephesians Nkumbula This song it's really touched me i fill like God is speaking to me am blessed 4 days ago
Albert I felt very strong with this song. God bless you Bro 5 days ago
Admin @Magret we don't have the permission to share Mp3 Downloads for this song currently, we will be offering mp3 previews soon, and the link to itunes for those interested to buy. We are also looking forward to sell or allow free downloads for interested artists on this site, email for more. 1 week ago
Margaret Please I have been trying to download the audio of my tomorrow must be great then today 1 week ago
Fiona Chepuu So touching truely 1 week ago
Samuel Ajayi this indeed a inspiring music ...I love it..may God bless your music career 1 week ago
Moses Prudent This is an encouraging song that make it clear to everyone. that our tomorrow is greater than today, no matter what situation we find ourselves. 1 week ago
Natalia Noche this song made me realise that no matter d situation em passing through, My Tomorrow Must Be Greater Than Today..........thnks for d song Mr David, more grease to ur elbow 2 weeks ago
Maina Umeri this song makes me to know that my future is in GODS hands 3 weeks ago
Cephas Daniel Bagudu I so much love this song with passion! it touched me and make me who I am today. so much motivating and inspiring
1 month ago
Kufre Chris This is inspiring and awesome.... God bless the writer and the artiste...... 1 month ago
Pro Erryseun Olukoya I so much have great passion for this song just as if the writer wrote it for my sake. God bless the writer 1 month ago
Most Favoured I love this song.. So encouraging.. Makes me strong and hope for tomorrow.. 1 month ago
Andrew Sheks so impressive nice, so splendour , there is joy in thy Lord 1 month ago
Gilbert I felt super strong by listening this song. Thanks and be blessed. 1 month ago
Enjoyment Minister Wow, I play it everyday this is not just a song but God talking. Anybody dat this song did not inspire cannot be Amended 1 month ago
Omini This all time best song that the soul will never be tired of listening encouraging and inspiring to me. 1 month ago
Samuel David Madugu Such a wonderful song it inspired me each time I listen to it 1 month ago
Nwabugwu Vivian A song of hope for those that think the word is coming to an end. 1 month ago
Terer Vincent It is such a wonderful and inspiring song. It fit sorts of lifes. God bless you brother.... Mmmwaaaaaahhh 1 month ago
Silas Mande ,kapchorwa ,uganda more inspiring en it heals a broken hearted because it encourages one to be strong 1 month ago
Joseph Muli A very wonderful song especially to those who has lost hope 2 months ago
Nancy This song has inspired many and it is a blessing. God bless you very much 2 months ago
Prosper This is such a blessing song... very great
My tomorrow must be greater than today in Jesus name 2 months ago
Oluwakemi Is a song of Hope 2 months ago
Oluwakemi One of my best song, so so inspired. More grace David 2 months ago
Yetqueen I can't find d audio, n I Ned it for my ringing tone 2 months ago
Wilson Tandeka I cant stop listening to this song because it pushes me all the time, Oh my God , God bless you David 3 months ago
Eghosa Great work sir 3 months ago
Alheri Nathan So inspiring 3 months ago
Maggie Welcome to Christian life church 3 months ago
Ofon Absolute brilliance encapsulated in supersonic nostalgic rhythm and inspiring lyrics. The radio stations should play this kind of music on purpose. 4 months ago
Favour Kennedy I luv this song,is inpartful 4 months ago
Khuleka Nice song , giving hope for the struggling. I also downloaded it online after listening from FM. 4 months ago
Peace This is cute. So comforting, heartwarming, energizing, soul lifting. I love this song so much that's why I had to search for it online. 5 months ago
Komagum Ambrose UGANDA productive and energy retriver ,comrforting i 5 months ago

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