David Meece - Touch My Hand Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Touch My Hand
  • Album: David (Remastered)
  • Artist: David Meece
  • Released On: 15 May 1976
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David Meece Touch My Hand

Touch My Hand Lyrics

So many people talkin' so many ways
And can't agree upon a single thing
My mind's confused I wish you'd try to explain
What's been said to my head

I don't ask for pity; I just wanted to know
How all you learned men could seem so slow
You've read your books; your letters;
But you can't show
Where I'm going, or do you know it?

You touch my hand and talk like you
Know where I am
But you know you're as blind as I
'Cause when you fall down the same place
again and again
Oh it makes me wonder ? it really makes me wonder

You talk down to me with such an air of contempt
But I can see through you such void,
Such emptiness
And you're as scared as I of falling again
In this darkness
This deep darkness
This deep darkness

(repeat Refrain)

It really makes me wonder.

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