David Meece - The Man Who Saved the Fool Lyrics

The Man Who Saved the Fool Lyrics

Never went to church, much less to school
Folks around here say I'm just a fool
Well maybe I'm just too happy or blue
To give a care about you
But I'm on my way ?
And that's all I need to do

My worn out shoes are damp with autumn rain
I know my hair and my shirt are faded grey
Well maybe it's just not proper of me
But I think I'm gonna sing
So just sit back ?
All you people ? and let me be

La La La La La La ? I bet I'm happy as you
La La La La La La ? And as I walk I feel a tune
I'll sing it now for you
'Cause I'm making my way with
The man who saved the fool

Tears of silent joy just seem to pour
I know my wife has never seen me cry before
Well maybe she knows how happy I am
As I kneel down on the floor
'Cause for once in my life
Through Jesus I ain't poor no more

(Repeat Refrain)

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