La Luz (The Light)

La Luz (The Light) Lyrics

This is a Holy Ghost party song
Like when a prodigal come home
Like somethin’ been given that you couldn’t earn
Like being in Heaven when you shoulda burned .

This is a party song
Like when the prodigal come home
Like when lost things get returned
Like innocence, like freedom .

Break the bread, pour the wine
The Father’s arms are open wide
Break the bread, pour the wine
Ain’t nobody gonna sleep tonight, come on .

Cups up, we remember
Hands up, we surrender
Cups up, we remember
Hans up, everybody sing .

La Luz
Brighter than sunshine
La Luz
We got the Light of the World in us .

La Luz 
Brighter than sunshine
La Luz
I’m burning like wildfire
La Luz
Breaking through the darkness
La Luz
We got the Light of the World in us .

Uh yeah, yeah, You kept me alive
This a love I can’t describe
Imma dance for my God
Bachata merengue?
Shout to the fam k lo k mi gente
Don’t care what my friends say 
I don’t wanna go if You don’t lead me
You’re on the right-side interceding
I got what I needed
God came down to bring freedom
His love for us is undefeated
Whoo .

Una parrandita pal gente
Halgo diferente
And the boys in the building
Stamos presente
Ahorra manos pal cielo
Como se sienten .

Que comience la fiesta ye celebración
Que me Dios se deliete en esta canción
Father’s arms open wide receiving me home
Been gone a long time, was lost on my own
Pero nunca paraste de orar
To lo malo que yo ese botado en el mar
Remember them long nights I was pleading to God
Just to see another day and He kept me alive

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