Nothing is Impossible Lyrics - Corey Voss

Corey Voss

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Nothing is Impossible Lyrics

Verse 1:
To the One who made the galaxies 
what’s a storm upon a raging sea
What is sickness to the One who heals? 
Even death must kneel, even death must kneel

Verse 2:
For the One whose reach is limitless, 
We’re never hidden in the heights or depths
Through the valleys and the wilderness, 
We are in Your hands, we are not afraid

We can walk through fire, walk through fire
And not fear the flames 
There’s no night, no divide
That could separate from Your love
Here with us, You have made a way
There is nothing, nothing is impossible

The war’s already won, the work’s already done
What’s in our way when nothing is impossible [Repeat 3 times]
Nothing is impossible? Oh

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