Corey Voss + Madison Street Worship - More Than Anything Lyrics

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  • Song Title: I Believe
  • Album: Gospel Bluegrass Homecoming (Live / Vol. 1)
  • Artist: Corey Voss
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2002
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Corey Voss More Than Anything

More Than Anything Lyrics

Maker of Heaven
You stepped into time
To render salvation
You gave Your life for mine

King of all glory
Surrendered Your throne
To rescue this sinner
And make this heart Your home

You are the Lover of my soul
You hold me close, You won’t let go
All of my praise, My every song
Lord You are worthy of it all

Father of Healing
Spirit of Hope
Here in Your presence
Your mercy makes me whole

You don’t owe me anything
Still You give me everything
God I owe You everything
I want You more than anything

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More Than Anything Lyrics -  Corey Voss

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