CityAlight - Good and Gracious King Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Good and Gracious King
  • Album: Only a Holy God
  • Artist: CityAlight
  • Released On: 04 Dec 2016
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CityAlight Good and Gracious King

Good and Gracious King Lyrics

I approach the throne of glory
Nothing in my hands I bring
But the promise of acceptance
From a good and gracious King

I will give to You my burden
As You give to me Your strength
Come and fill me with Your Spirit
As I sing to You this praise

You deserve the greater glory
Overcome, I lift my voice
To the King in need of nothing
Empty handed I rejoice

You deserve the greater glory
Overcome with joy I sing
By Your love I am accepted
You’re a good and gracious King

O what grace that You would see me
As Your child and as Your friend
Safe, secure in You forever
I pour out my praise again

Holy, holy, Lord Almighty
Good and gracious
Good and gracious
Holy, holy, Lord Almighty
Good and gracious King

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Good and Gracious King Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Good and Gracious King Lyrics -  CityAlight

"Good and Gracious King" by CityAlight is a deeply moving worship song that encapsulates the essence of Christian faith—acknowledging God’s grace, sovereignty, and the intimate relationship He offers to His followers. Through its thoughtful lyrics and melodic composition, the song invites worshippers to reflect on God's goodness, grace, and kingship. Let's delve into the meaning and the biblical foundations of this song, breaking down the lyrics to understand its message more deeply.

### Verse 1: Humble Approach to God

The opening lines of the song express a humble approach to God, recognizing that we come before Him with nothing but the promise of His acceptance. This sentiment echoes the heart of Ephesians 2:8-9, which tells us that it is by grace we have been saved, through faith—and this is not from ourselves, it is the gift of God. The verse sets the tone for the entire song, emphasizing our dependence on God's grace and mercy.

### Chorus: The Greater Glory of God

The chorus elevates the focus from our personal experience of grace to the glory of God Himself, declaring that He deserves the greater glory. This reflects the biblical truth found in Isaiah 42:8, where God says, "I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols." The repetition of this chorus throughout the song serves as a reminder that our worship and adoration are responses to God's inherent glory and goodness.

### Verse 2: Exchange of Burdens and Strength

In the second verse, there's a portrayal of an intimate exchange between the worshipper and God—our burdens for His strength. This beautifully mirrors the invitation of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30, where He calls the weary to come to Him for rest, offering His yoke in place of our burdens. The idea of God giving strength to the weary is also found in Isaiah 40:29.

### Bridge: A Declaration of God’s Character

The bridge of the song is a powerful declaration of God’s holiness, grace, and the security found in His presence. It acknowledges God as both a King and a friend, reflecting John 15:15, where Jesus calls His disciples friends, and Romans 8:17, which speaks of believers as children of God and co-heirs with Christ. This section of the song serves to remind us of the unique and loving relationship we have with the Almighty, who is not only a sovereign King but also a close and caring friend.

### Final Thoughts

"Good and Gracious King" by CityAlight is not just a song; it's a prayerful meditation on the character of God and the relationship He offers to us through grace. It encourages worshippers to reflect on their own lives, recognize God’s majesty, and respond in humble adoration and gratitude. By weaving together personal confession with biblical truths, the song stands as a testament to the enduring goodness and graciousness of God, inviting all who hear it to come into a deeper understanding of His love and sovereignty.

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