Chuck Girard - Little People Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Little People
  • Album: Take It Easy
  • Artist: Chuck Girard
  • Released On: 01 Mar 2010
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Chuck Girard Little People

Little People Lyrics

Little women, little men
little people, little friends
Little boys and little girls
Little houses on a little world

Watchin' over them as they go
The little people they do not know
Some ignore him, others say
They don't want him, go away

Little people, they live their lives
They marry husbands and they marry wives
They go on doing the things they do
Never learning about you

Then from heaven, from above
Came the show of the perfect love
Little baby, little son
Gave his life for little ones

Little people, worldly wise
You cannot see through shadowed eyes
Little people, can't you see
That He has come to set you free
He has come to set you free....
He has come to set you free....

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