Christy Nockels - Jesus, Rock of Ages Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Jesus, Rock of Ages
  • Album: Let It Be Jesus (Live)
  • Artist: Christy Nockels
  • Released On: 28 Apr 2015
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Christy Nockels Jesus, Rock of Ages

Jesus, Rock of Ages Lyrics

I am not alone
There's a stone I'm built on
There's a love that will never let me go
He hears my every cry
He knows how to understand me
He is my one defense, day and night
I rest my soul on the rock of the ages
And my feet stand firm on a sure foundation
All my hope in this salvation
Jesus, Jesus, rock of ages
Precious cornerstone
The one for all generations
Laid that I would hide myself in You
Through every trial and storm
When all else is sinking
There is none so faithful and so true
When my heart is faint, my faith is small
Oh hide me, Lord
And when all is well, through it all
Oh hide me, Lord

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