Chris Tomlin - Forever Home Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Forever Home (feat. Florida Georgia Line)
  • Album: Chris Tomlin & Friends
  • Artist: Chris Tomlin
  • Released On: 31 Jul 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music Amazon Music
Chris Tomlin Forever Home

Forever Home Lyrics

Yea I love this little house we got out on the edge of town 
It’s hard to think that we could beat the view we got right now
We think we got it good watching the sunset from the steps
It looks like heaven but we ain’t seen nothing yet

When we get to our forever home
We’ll see beauty live we’ve never known
Angels singing hallelujah songs
Hard to imagine one day

All this gravel turned to streets of gold
Time goes by but we won’t ever get old
It’s a picture-perfect place I can’t wait to see Your face
When we get to our forever home
Me and You will be forever home

Yea we’ll leave all of our worries
Just like work boots on the porch 
All our loved ones they’ll be hanging out when we walk through the door
Yea we’ll catch up on the good times and we’ll have a million more
No there ain’t no telling what He’s got in store

When we get to our forever home
And everything we’ve built down here’s long gone
We’ll have everything we’d ever want
Hard to imagine on day

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