Charles Jenkins - Grace Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Grace (feat. Kim Burrell)
  • Album: Grace: The Remixes - EP
  • Artist: Charles Jenkins
  • Released On: 02 Feb 2018
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Charles Jenkins Grace

Grace Lyrics

If it had not been for the Lord who
was on my side I don't know where I would
My testimony is real, I came this far by faith.
My road ain't always been smooth,
but I don't look like what I been through.
Truth is I'm kept, bless by the best, and one word describes the rest.

Everybody say grace, grace.
Everybody say grace
My faith, my future looks bright,
He's brought me from a mighty long way.
I walk by faith and not sight (oh
yeah) that's how I made it where I am today.
Truth is I'm kept, bless by the best, and one word describes the rest.

Everybody say grace (grace).
Everybody say grace.
I don't deserve it, I'm talking bout me.
You know me, you know me better than I do.
I've made some mistakes and I'm not right
all the time, but I know He's a friend of mine.

Thank you Lord for keeping me (ohh) I
can't, I can't, I can't thank you enough.
Yeah grace ohh time and time again ohh grace you never left my side.
Ohh grace yeah nobody can do me like you do, you do.
Thank you for bringing me through.
Grace, grace is sufficient for me.

Don't know about you, all I know He'll bring you through.
Hey eyy eyy, sometimes I feel like I can't make
it, but I'm making it, it's because of your grace.
"God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
I want you to know wherever you need God's grace it's
always sufficient, on time and exactly what you need."

Amazing grace how sweet
How sweet, how sweet.
Amazing grace how sweet
Your grace is sweet, sweet
and it gets sweeter, sweeter.
Whoa sweeter, sweeter, sweeter.
Amazing grace how sweet.
Lord thank you for being sweet to me

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