Living in The Overflow

Living in The Overflow Lyrics

Oooh ooh oooh, ooh oooh 
Sing Oooh ooh oooh, ooh oooh  Oooh ooh 
Living in the overflow 
Covered by your love 
Living with the holy Ghost  More than enough  .
I'm walking in your freedom now  Covered by your grace 
Witnessing your healing power  we have been changed  . .

Bless the Lord O my soul 
I am living in the overflow 
Bless the Lord O my soul 
I am living in the overflow . .

God you are the sovereign one 
You've given us your name 
We declare your kingdom come 
Forever you reign  .

Living in he overflow 
The bound are now set free  Everywhere we glory see 
The victory ... bless the Lord  . .

Bless the Lord oh my soul 
I'm living in the overflow  .

ooh ooh ooh  amazing God
Your spirit falls
And now we walk in Miracles .

Say miracles (miracles) 
Everywhere we go (miracles) 
Miracles (miracles) 
Say pour it out (pour it out) 
Say thank you lord (Thank you Lord) 
Everything that you've done (thank you Lord) 
Every way that you've made (thank you Lord) . .

Bless the Lord O my soul 
I am living in the overflow 
Bless the Lord O my soul 
I am living in the overflow


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  • Lilly Larke

    Truly an anointed song.. 7 months ago

  • Beverly Sylvester

    This is a powerful and blessed song! I enjoy the rhythm and the upbeat that it has. Hiwever, some of the lyrics are not displayed, can that possible be updated? Thank you so much! Awesome singers!!! Woohoo!!! God bless!????????????????????????????❤ 8 months ago

  • Nadine

    "Witnessing your healing power"
    "Amazing God your Spirit flows, and now we walk in miracles" 9 months ago

  • Zandra

    “Living in the overflow”is a phenomenal song, very uplifting 11 months ago

  • Admin

    Hi Warren and Ruchelle, We are doing our best to provide the lyrics, kindly submit corrections if any, the missing parts will be updated in due time. 11 months ago

  • Warren

    What an awesome in season song. Would it be possible to request the lyrics for the verses please? Regards Warren 1 year ago

  • Janice Grace

    This song is a blessing, I have been having praise and worship all day with this song, because I truly fill that I am living in the overflow.Praise God! 1 year ago

  • Ruchelle Steele

    Living in the overflow chords/lyrics please

    Ruchelle 1 year ago

  • Julie

    This song is awesome! 1 year ago

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