Carlos Whittaker - Rain It Down Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Rain It Down
  • Album: Carlos Whittaker - Single
  • Artist: Carlos Whittaker
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2010
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Carlos Whittaker Rain It Down

Rain It Down Lyrics

There's a storm coming in the distance
Some will run to it and some will resist it
Our eyes will turn to the sky
With desert hearts looking to the heavens
Desperate for Your holy fountain
Our eyes will turn to the sky

Rain down on us, Father
Rain down on us, Spirit
Rain down on us, Jesus
Rain down on us

There's nothing like Your healing water
Pour it out on Your sons and daughters
Our eyes are lifted high
We are here and we are waiting
Flood our hearts til they're overflowing
Our hands are lifted high.

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