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Grace Already Won by Carlos Whittaker

Song Information
  • Song Title: Grace Already Won
  • Album: Ragamuffin Soul
  • Artist: Carlos Whittaker
  • Released On: 11 Feb 2011
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Grace Already Won Lyrics

Set your eyes on the cross
And your heart will see
There is freedom for us
And victory
Set your hope on this love
And your soul will sing forever sing

Grace already won
Grace has covered us
Grace runs deep it's never ending
Grace is strong enough
Grace will overcome
Grace will be our Everlasting

Let your joy in this place
Break down these walls
He has shattered our chains
Once and for all
With the loudest of praise
Our song will be forever be

Sons and daughters of the living God
With rejoicing come and lift Him up
Come with dancing come and shout His praise

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