Canon - Problem Lyrics

Problem Lyrics

Mobbin, you know I brought the squad out
been the missing link, off the chain
Doghouse Eleven six and you know thats what talmabout Yaddaa mean I'm gassingTimeout Late night we working til da am Work work stop till the song cause mayhem Go toes if you don't like our mission denI see you if you mobile and you listen inYou Finna ko? Nah I ain't think soYou seeing dat we problems now you gotta go an take on Chad Jones, watch me seiko Cuz we gone make moves all the way to the bay tho

Propaganda Verse
Woah dare
Why yal even even go there?
I'm just tryin' to function too yal be like no fair.
We don't want no problems see,
Keep ya name out the obituary column sheet.
This is Art out struggle, real life scrapper bike
Pch east los to east bay all
Raider nation
the west coast native killa Cali bread big homie. In and Out, Rascos, 50 cent tacos
We ain't tryin' take ya lane mane, just run in ours, an run in bars, wit killa bars
I'm from where they need hope, cause' all the see loc, is
White tees, dickies, palm trees and weed smoke

Canon Verse

Ima menace been a problem, started from the bottom, I ain't the type to rock alligators and ties around my collar get it clear just like that vodka, popular or unpopular prop a put you in check properly pop and imposter, while I been popping a bottle, that peregrino my option,You a need a mad haven just to understand my conscienceI been a loose canon, jack a beat, I'm still the rebel, the swagger savvy trigger happy who chained to the ghetto, and no ain't settleWas saved in the hood,I done had my dark nights,And lucky I ain't seen sugeSuburbans don't understand me I know they wish they could, I'm just product of salvation check up under my hoodTell ya vatos I'm a problem

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