Canon - Poppin' Off Lyrics

Poppin' Off Lyrics

What you say?
*gunshot* *gun reloading*
Canon: a cause who done took ma, a who done drunk ma apple juice?
What you say?

Canon: I got my F to the R double E D O and and i'm not no slave anymore i'm free like free throws free to throw up my freak show like some seen before. We called by the father no phone evil. I can see him clear C3PO, my hero place him so zero and redef like craig redevo. No slave, oh no i'm not no slave. I'm on my mister mister we can finally free to behave. I see myself as cancer mmhmm cancer, cancer dead and gone like grandma, rest in peace like grandpa. I was on my mess like Stewey's pampers. No more imma start in slavery. i act cool ta you cant hate me, take my shackles off, no masa you cant chop me up or f'llet me. this is crazy. i am on it like some cornbread's house and gravy, chicken save me. wait dont save me. imma get fat off what i'm takin tay-tay. i dont wanna be anothuh brothuh runnin for the love of money and the women cause i'm free from it all-all. now i'm runnin for the love of Elohim. I can rep K to the I N G on the cro-cross. What who what what somebody took my shot, he's 23 with the ball. crossin over like KB numbah nah, who da ball Lebron James please numbah nah.

Suzy Rock: Okay
Canon: Hey Suzy
Suzy: Whassup?
Canon: Hey, you know if you gonna be on this numbuh you gotta twist.
Suzy: Dude, i cant twist, i cant rap that fast.
Canon: Hey, not foolishness now. I think you got it.
Suzy: Leh me see what i can-leh me see what i can do.

Suzy Rock: I'm far from a Gemini, but i was double minded like the belly of a mother with some twins 'nside, so pirate patch eyeless so blind lift the Pyrex off my eyelids. knew my only bad grace good luck i'm not Irish. Christ is residing in the center of my iris. Got my eyes wrist-wrist pinned to the cross, Christ drawn option i can posing for the Heisman. Get a trophy, win it, i'm trainin' ?????............, even though they try an steal a walk like denim. Nailed to the cross, given thorns for a fifty he fulfilled what was written, written all he had blood drippin from his temples, yeah he the man, so Tarzan the way he hung on the limb, spoke no words call it silence of the lamb. conquered death up in the grave signed my name wit his pen. What up Canon yeah boy we in. Not by our worth cause we aint worth spit, aint worth the dung on the bottom of the heel, ew wee boy at the bottom of the bill. grow ya'll old man Hark the Herald. Fruits of the spirit our american apparel was arrogant headed to Hell, Hail to the King, yeah hello well. Fightin' Sin and our ??? like Ali in his prime but his mom was blameless, like i need the least time to slur my language. Undo his wrath, Christ killed the anguish. coupe de ville no my curtains hanger was a dead man curt cobaine is. watch me while he spread fresh cocaine. He's blameless dont blame me thank Him. I'm out.

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