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Hold Onto You by Buddy Greene

Hold Onto You Lyrics

I don't want to belong to all that you have given me
I just want to belong to you
And I don't need to hold onto the things that I should give away
No I just need to hold onto you.

I don't want to be blind to the hurting world around me
I want to do all that I can do
But if I want to lay hold of the good work that's awaiting me
First I've got to hold onto you

I've got to hold onto you in everything I do
'Til everything I am belongs to you
I've got to walk straight and true as only you can do
Through the lives of those who hold onto you.

Holding on and praying for a miracle
Counting on what only God can do
Looking forward to the man I long to be
Simply holding onto you
Is simply all I have to do

I don't need to take on anymore responsibilities
If they take me away from you
I can find all the love I will ever need to give away
When I find I'm in love with you

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