Save Me

Save Me Lyrics

Save me
From leaning on my own understanding
Honestly what have I left to prove
When all the questions lead me back to You
Meet me
Find me in the Joy of the beginning
Before the world had told me what You couldn’t do
When I had that simple childlike faith in You .

I just wanna be in the room
Where my heart says yes
Just to see you move
So I can breathe again
I wanna be lost in love
I want to be in the room
When you move .

Keep me
Find me here content inside the waiting
Let every shadow come into the light
Let every heart discover that You’re kind .

I can see again
I can feel again
I believe again
I can hope again
I have joy again
I believe again
Like a child again
I can dream again
I believe again
I can see again
I can feel again
I believe again


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