Brandon Lake - Wildflowers Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Wildflowers
  • Album: House Of Miracles
  • Artist: Brandon Lake
  • Released On: 28 Aug 2020
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Brandon Lake Wildflowers

Wildflowers Lyrics

Like a tree, rooted deep
Your love is steady through the seasons
Like a rose that unfolds
Your heart for me is always open

Your love is amazing
I can hardly contain it
It’s the greatest thing I’ve found
Your love doesn’t waiver
Now and forever
It’s the greatest thing I’ve found

Like a bird, soaring high
Your love for me it has no boundary
Like a child, running wild
Your love is dancing all around me

Planted deep and taking hold
From the soil life unfolds
Some things only love can grow
Blooming free without control
Colors of Your love explode
Like wildflowers in my soul

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