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Son Of Heaven by Brandon Lake

Song Information
  • Song Title: Son Of Heaven
  • Album: House Of Miracles
  • Artist: Brandon Lake
  • Released On: 28 Aug 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Son Of Heaven Lyrics


This is the word, here in the flesh

Living among the meek and lowly

The voice of God, His every breath

Salvation of the world unfolding


Behold Him, behold Him

Lift up your eyes see the Son of Heaven

Hosanna, Hosanna

Pour out your praise, sing the name of Jesus


This is His heart upon the cross

And from His wounds His mercies flowing

And now the dawn, put death to death

And ever since that grave’s been empty



This is His home here in our chest

At every door our Savior’s Knocking

Oh let Him in, oh let Him out

With every yes His kingdom’s coming

The sound of every saint rejoicing

Oh, Jesus Christ the hope of Glory


Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus

We love the name of 

Jesus, Jesus

We love the name of

Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus

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