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A Better Word by Benita Jones

A Better Word Lyrics

I place my hope in Calvary

Where love spilled from a rugged tree

Oh, oh

The blood poured out for me

Mercy and grace washed over me

His life hung for my ransom fee

Oh, oh

The blood poured out for me

I am healed

I’m restored

I’m made free

I’ve been made whole

There’s no shame

Only love

Yes, it does

The blood speaks a better word

While yet I was an enemy

You tore the veil that stood between

Now freedom is the song I sing

The blood poured out for me

Death, where is your sting?

Grave, your victory?

He’s overcome, He has overcome

Hell, you won’t prevail

You have no power

We’ve overcome, we have overcome

Just when it seemed the end had come

It looked as if the grave had won

He rose and now the work is done

Jesus reigns forevermore

Jesus reigns forevermore

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