Barnabas - Conflict of Desire Lyrics

Conflict of Desire Lyrics

The conflict of desire sucks the spirit dry
Inside madness haunts us; outside, eyes are dry
Hungry little baby cries throughout the night
But mother's breasts are busy, because the price is right

Fornicate with millions through the lens of the camera eye
Open wide for children as they stand in the grocery line
Get it on with pictures 'till the loneliness goes away
Disbelieving anyone knows

The holy life eludes us, a mirage upon the sand
The passions that torment us, we jump at their command
Like the tiny, fragrant flower that traps the hungry fly
To set our soul on things below will choke us 'till we die

We set our brains on fire with the spark from an angry heart
Running out to feed our flesh as soon as the sky is dark
As lightning tears the sky apart, so will His next coming be
'Till then creation groans to be free

The mercy seat is sprinkled with the blood of a gentle heart
Broken as His body to restore what was torn apart
Frightened lambs cry out to Him, then flee when they hear His voice
Victims of our freedom of choice

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