Barnabas - Boogie Tyme! Lyrics

Boogie Tyme! Lyrics

Its a genuine occasion
Totally Caucasian
Looking for a hot romance
'Till you throw up on your brand new pants
Wake up in a soggy place

Snail crawlin' on your face
Stumble out to find your car
Without your keys you won't get far

BOOGIE TYME! Dancing to destruction
BOOGIE TYME! Buried in corruption
BOOGIE TYME! The end is closer than you think
BOOGIE TYME! The road to hell is soft and pink!

Killer on the dancin' floor
Prideful child, nothing more
Lick the mirror you look into
Drink that cup of harlot's brew
Disco fairies set the pace
Urban cowboys joined the race
Reggae fever comin' soon
But Jesus might be back in June

Bottle on the table
Quit if you was able
Eviction comin' any day
Time to throw it all away
Sin's delight is like the air
Its' end is always in despair
Pack it up and turn it in
Start it all over again


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