Anointed - Come Unto Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Come Unto Me
  • Album: Under the Influence
  • Artist: Anointed
  • Released On: 15 Oct 1996
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Anointed Come Unto Me

Come Unto Me Lyrics

Ohh ohhh

I remember the time
I turned and walked away
Like a lamb who'd gone astray
My life was filled with grief
And every day i searched for relief
But in the distance i could still hear him say

Come unto me
If you are weary
And I will give you rest
Come unto me
If you are worried
I'm all the comfort you need
So come unto me
Come unto me

Now if you may find
Yourself hopeless or in despair
Needing someone to care
You can begin to express
All the void and emptiness deep inside
He's waiting with his arms open wide
To receive you today


You're covered with sorrow
You can't see a tomorrow
I'm all the comfort all you need
So come, come on come on come on
Come unto me

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