Andrew Peterson - Invisible God Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Don't Let Go
  • Album: The Fabulous Rock 'N' Roll Songbook
  • Artist: Andrew Peterson
  • Released On: 30 Oct 2013
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Andrew Peterson Invisible God

Invisible God Lyrics

I give you praise, O Great Invisible God,
For the the moon in the space of the dark night,
For the smile on a face in the sunlight.

I give you praise, O Great Invisible God,
For the sound of the storm on the window,
For the morning adorned with a new snow,
For the tears on the face of the old man
Made clean by the grace of the good Lamb.
Invisible God.

And oh, I long to see your face,
Invisible, Invisible God.
All the works that you have made
Are clearly seen and plain as day,
So mighty and tender.
O Lord, let me remember

That I see you everywhere,
Invisible God,
In the seed that descends to the old earth
And arises again with a new birth;
In the sinner who sinks in the river
And emerges again, delivered.
Invisible God.


Your power eternal, your nature divine.
All creation tells the tale
That Love is real and so alive.
I feel you, I hear you,
Great God Unseen I see you
Invisible God.

In the long, cold death that the winter brings
And the sweet resurrection
Invisible God.

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