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Have Your Way by Andrew Peterson

Song Information
  • Song Title: Have Your Way (Live)
  • Album: Appendix C: Live With the Captains Courageous
  • Artist: Andrew Peterson
  • Released On: 02 Jun 2009
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Have Your Way Lyrics

Father, hear me now when I am humbled
I fear that I will soon forget
Now I have no strength to stand and stumble
I have no wish to leave you—yet

O Holy Father, hear me now
When flesh is strong and spirit weak
Please break my back if I won't bow
Won't you have your way with me

Father, hear me now when I am humbled
When I am bent with holy shame
All the lies that I believed have crumbled
The blood of Christ my only claim

I cannot trust my own designs
My heart is prone to disobey
So listen, Lord, while there is time
Chain me fast if I won't stay
Take my life and have your way

Please hear me, Lord, this blessed hour
When sin has loosed its hold on me
Thy mercy is a mighty tower
So why should I not trust in thee?
Father, have your way with me

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