Acapeldridge - Join in Exultation Lyrics

Join in Exultation Lyrics

People join in exultation, voices raise;
Let ev’ry people, tribe, and nation sing God’s praise.
Make all the hills and vales today with musick ring;
Let voices soar with joy, more and more, extol the eternal King
Sing, tribes and nations, wake the vales and the hills with song:
Extol the Saviour, unto whom praises glad belong,
‘Till earth and heaven shall with glad hallelujahs ring;
Let voices soar with joy, more and more, extol our eternal King.
He has brought us full salvation, sing, friends, sing;
Fill earth and sky with jubilation, praise the King.
Oh, worthy of our praise is he forevermore;
His love proclaim, give praise to his name, ‘till all shall our God adore.
We shall reach the home supernal by his grace,
And, gathered round the throne eternal, see his face;
Then let us give our hearts’ best praise— adoring, sing;
With heart and voice proclaim him our choice, our great and eternal King.

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Join in Exultation Lyrics -  Acapeldridge

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