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Zion Lyrics

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O daughters of Zion
O Abraham’s sons (Psalm 105:6-9) 
Hear the words of your Father ​(Deut 6:4) 
Hear His promise of love ​(Lev 26:42-45) 
I will make you a blessing ​(Gen 12:3) 
Count the stars if you can ​(Gen 15:5) 
You will be a great nation ​(Gen 12:2)
I will give you this land ​(Gen 17:8)

I will bring you back home ​(Ez 11:17)
Bring you back home Oh My children ​(Ez 36:24) You will no longer roam
Lost and alone in the night ​(Jer 31:22-23) There is nothing on earth
that could take you away ​(Jer 3:18)
Once I gather you under My wings ​(Isa 11:12)
I will bring you all back home
Again ​(Zeph 3:20)

Though you’ve wandered like strangers ​(Jer 5:19) 
To the ends of the earth ​(Isa 41:9)
I will send you a savior ​(Isa 19:20)
I will finish my work ​(Isa 46:13)
You have no other shepherd
You have no other lord ​(Isa 45:5)
Green pastures are waiting
In Zion once more ​(Isa 49:8-11)

So we pray for the peace ​(Psalm 122:6)
But look to the East
For the Sun rises sudden and fierce ​(Zech 14:4)
Every prophet and priest
And king in the City ​(Zech 12:12-13)
Will look on the One they have pierced
We will mourn for the One we have pierced ​(Zech 12:10-11, Isa 53:5)

But don’t fear O my daughters
Or sons of Abraham
I will wash you with water ​(Zech 13:1)
I will offer the Lamb ​(Isa 53:6-8, Gen 22:8) 
Though your sins were like scarlet
They’ll be whiter than snow​ (Isa 1:18)
I have always been with you
I will never let go ​(Deut 31:8)

Adonai Eloheinu
Adonai echad
Shema Israel ​(Deut 6:4)

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