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Gold In the Clouds by 2nd Chapter of Acts

Song Information
  • Song Title: Gold In the Clouds
  • Album: Mansion Builder
  • Artist: 2nd Chapter of Acts
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1991
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Gold In the Clouds Lyrics

Even when the rainbows seem to pass right by me
I'm still finding gold in the clouds
Through all the shadows and the patterns of doubt
I'm still finding gold in the clouds
There, I said it again

Even when the eastern sky fills up with light
I don't see the sun 'till you're there
Even when the moon comes out to play at night
I don't see the light 'till you're there
There, I said it again

I wonder if I were in someone else's shoes
Would I be like them, or would I still be me?
I wonder when I'm old if I will understand
Everything I say
I sure hope it's that way

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