Zion - Thrillseeker Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Thrillseeker
  • Album: Thunder from the Mountain
  • Artist: Zion
  • Released On: 13 Apr 2010
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Zion Thrillseeker

Thrillseeker Lyrics

Passion breeder women stealer
You've got to feed your lust
Deposit all your life
In the playhouse bank & trust
Here you go again
Will it ever end?
Like a moth to the flame the closer it gets burned in it's own game
Falling in deeper and deeper
Caught in a web of deceit
Another camera shot below the waist
Another empty soul
It never satisfies it's all a lie
Puts you out of control
It's on the TV now it's in your mind
It's everywhere you look
A hook in your lip that's dragging you down
Maybe you've been took
More! More! More! More!
Can't get enough
It's gggggggg gotch ya' Oh Thrillseeker!
Always hungry but never filled
You've got that look in your eye
Always searchin' but never findin'
Oh your tail's gonna fry!

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