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We Just Want You by William McDowell

Song Information
  • Song Title: We Just Want You
  • Album: Sounds of Revival
  • Artist: William McDowell
  • Released On: 22 Jan 2016
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

We Just Want You Lyrics

"We Just Want You"

We need Your Spirit pouring out on us, Oh God

We need revival stirring up oh god we just want you, we just want you

Creation waits, We people long To You, Anticipate a Mighty Move

Were leaning, Trusting, Patiently waiting were desperate and we are

crying out

Come, Come, Come,

Holy spirit


Move, Move, Move

Holy Spirit


Revive us, Revive us, Revive us Holy Spirit

Transform us, Transform us, Transform us Holy Spirit

Reveal Your power

Reveal Your glory

Reveal Your kindness

Reveal Your love

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