William McDowell - Nothing’s Impossible Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Nothing's Impossible
  • Album: The Cry: A Live Worship Experience
  • Artist: William McDowell
  • Released On: 20 Sep 2019
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music Amazon Music
William McDowell Nothing’s Impossible

Nothing’s Impossible Lyrics

Anything is possible
You’re the god of miracles
Everything we speak 
By faith we’re gonna see

There is nothing you can’t do
Every word you say is true
Lord you’ve never failed
Your people will prevail

Pre chorus 1
We’re not afraid of giants
Because they always fall
Lord we know you hear us 
Every time we call 

Shout if you believe it
Till every wall comes down
Shout because you know that
Nothing’s impossible

Verse 2
All our fear has gone away
Everyday we walk by faith      
We have overcome
We have already won

You’ve given us the victory 
You’ve supplied our every need  
We’ve got history
Thats why we still believe 

Pre chorus 2
We can speak to mountains
And they have to move
Power and authority
Comes from you

Pre chorus 3
We’re not afraid of famine
You always will provide 
Who can stand against us
When you’re on our side 

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