Vineyard Worship - Rejoice Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Rejoice (feat. Tim Brown & Amanda Bouman)
  • Album: God You Are
  • Artist: Vineyard Worship
  • Released On: 15 Jul 2016
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Vineyard Worship Rejoice

Rejoice Lyrics

Behold the Lamb, the Lamb that once was slain
He bled and died and now forever reigns
He holds the world, His arms are open wide
That we may live, through Him now sanctified

Behold the church, the ones who've turned to Him
The man, the child, who've turned away from sin
We sing to Him, for He has called us home
And we declare that You alone are Lord

Rejoice, our Savior is alive
Rejoice, for death has been denied
Rejoice, His majesty is here
Let our praises fill the air as we rejoice

Behold the King, seated up on high
We worship You to see You glorified
One day we'll see that all the nations sing
That God, You reign for all eternity

Rejoice in Him who gives us breath
For He lived and died and rose again

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