Vicky Beeching - The Greatest Gift Lyrics

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  • Song Title: The Greatest Gift
  • Album: Shelter
  • Artist: Vicky Beeching
  • Released On: 06 Dec 2002
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Vicky Beeching The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift Lyrics

Son of God, You Reign in heaven's glory
Yet You chose to come to earth and save me
Humbled Yourself to die the cruelest death
No other act of love compares to this

The greatest gift I've ever received
Is the cross, the cross
For there You gave Yourself up for me
On the cross, the cross

And with the blood You poured out for me
You have saved my soul You have given me
The greatest gift of all

Your heart aches for all the lost and hurting
At the cross You wait to take our burdens
Longing to heal our wounds and make us whole
Longing to hear us sing with thankful souls

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