Twila Paris - Not Forgotten Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Not Forgotten
  • Album: Small Sacrifice
  • Artist: Twila Paris
  • Released On: 15 Nov 2007
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Twila Paris Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten Lyrics

When you think your dream is dying
He has not forgotten you
When your body aches from tryin'
He has not forgotten you

When you worry for tomorrow
Even though the sky is blue
See the sun is shining
He has not forgotten you

When July feels like December
He has not forgotten you
When it's painful to remember
He has not forgotten you

When it seems you can not win
And there is not much left to lose
He has got a plan
And He has not forgotten you

He is faithful
He is with you
He is listening
He is love

If your tired flesh has squandered
What your spirit would have saved
And your aimless feet have wandered
Far from all you truly crave

Turn and run toward your Father
Do not wait another day
See His arms are open
And He is calling out your name

And hope will spring eternal
In the homes of those who know
That loving arms will follow
Every where we go

And even in the darkness
His promises are true
Keep this in your heart
He has not... forgotten..... you.

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