Tommy Walker - When We See Him Lyrics

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  • Song Title: When We See Him in His Glory (feat. Markita Knight)
  • Album: Song of the Week, Vol. 1 (2019)
  • Artist: Tommy Walker
  • Released On: 02 May 2019
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Tommy Walker When We See Him

When We See Him Lyrics

When we see Him we shall be like Him
When we see Him there will be only tears of joy
When we see Him in the clouds
Every nation will bow

And we'll proclaim, proclaim
Jesus Christ is Lord

When we see Him we'll see our Blessed Hope
On that long awaited day
There will be no more hate or pain
On that white horse He'll ride,
He'll split the eastern sky


When I see Him I will be face to face
With my Redeemer, the One who took my place
Then we'll walk those streets of gold
To my eternal home

And I'll proclaim, proclaim
Jesus You're my Lord
Jesus Christ Is The Lord

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