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Freedom Lyrics


Everybody is looking
For some freedom Ya'll
Tryin' to break all these chains
That come on from the fall
So many slaves to sin
Got evil deep within
Wanderin' these streets
The sickness eats 'em thin
Well let me tell you somethin'
You can get out of that jail
There's a solution to help you
It will never fail
If you can just believe
And get down on your knees
Jesus will save you
Cos He's the one that's got that

Freedom. He can save your soul
Freedom. He's got, he's got
He's got
He's got that Freedom uh huh
He's got that Freedom

You ain't gone find your freedom in that bottle Mister Bottle Mister
You ain't gone find it between Them dirty sheets my sister, ooh Ooh ah ooh
Nothing in this world
Can ever satisfy
If you don't get that light of Jesus deep inside
It is written that whoever shall Call on His name, the name of Jesus Christ shall be saved
So if you are saved and set free By the Son of God
Then you truly will be free Indeed

Listen Ya'll Galatians chapter Five verse one says: it is for Freedom that Christ has set us Free ya'll
Listen, stand firm and do not let yourselves be burdened again by A yoke of slavery
You understand me Ya'll
Second Corinthians chapter Three verse seventeen says: now The Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is There is Freedom
Ya'll gettin' this
Romans chapter eight verse one Says
Therefore there is now no Condemnation for those who Are in Christ Jesus Ya'll
There is no condemnation to You cos Jesus is the one that's Gone give you that kind of Freedom that you're Looking for

Freedom. I said freedom
Oh oh ooh Freedom
I know that Jesus can give you That freedom
You can be free
You can be free yeah
Ya'll can be free

I know, I know, I know
He's gonna set you free
Ya'll can be free
You're free, you're free in Jesus
I have a dream
Ya'll can be free in Jesus

Don't let the devil hold you Down
Oh you can be free
Oh you can be free yeah
Oh you can, you can, you can You can
You can, you will, you should be Free
You're gonna be free
Oh oh oh oh
Somebody help me tell em they Can be free

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