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Love All Day Long by The Nelons

Song Information
  • Song Title: Love All Day Long
  • Album: Peace At Last
  • Artist: The Nelons
  • Released On: 02 Oct 2020
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Love All Day Long Lyrics

You've been crushed, torn and tattered
Made you feel like it just don't matter
Here you are thinking never
Could you trust anyone again ever
But don't you know there's nothing love can't mend
It can make you over again

You can love like your heart has never been broken
Give like nobody's ever done you wrong
Sing like you joy has never been stolen
And love, love, love, all day long

All the dreams that are faded
All the years not a moment was wasted
All the shame, all the hurting
Through it all love was always there working
But don't you know there's nothing that love can't mend
It can make you over again

Love that keeps a reaching, never stop believing,
This kind of love is here to stay,
Love that has no limits, trusting every minute,
That something good is on its way.

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