The Crucified - Getting A Grip On Things Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Getting a Grip On Things
  • Album: The Crucified
  • Artist: The Crucified
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1994
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The Crucified Getting A Grip On Things

Getting A Grip On Things Lyrics

Hatred is the perfect word for everything I think of you,
You were conquered by my God, Prince of Darkness, arrogant fool,
Given the chance and given strength to do all that I wish to you, I'd shout with glee, show no mercy, and rip the filthy life from you.

Can you feel my anger?
Grows with each passing day.

Getting a grip on things,
Tightening our grip on things,
Satan has been beat,
Focus less on his power and more on his defeat.

I'd start by stabbing seven times for every single lie you've said,
For lust of eyes I'd pluck out yours, for lust of flesh I'd split your head,
For loneliness I'd seal your ears, for bitterness I'd burn you,
For capital punishment of unborn I'd take the sword and run you through.

Can you see our numbers?
We grow with each passing day.

Getting a grip on things,
Tightening our grip on things,
Satan has been beat,
Focus less on his power and more on his defeat.

For bigotry I'd paint you black, yellow, white, and red,
For oppression of my brethren I'd tie a noose around your neck.

In a corner we see a child and the father who beats the wife,
No one yet can see the effect this has upon his life,
Twenty years down the road he's a living example of his father,
Lives his life by the drink of the bottle and beats his two year old daughter...and I can see your name between the lines.

Broken bodies fill bloodied files where billions of soldiers die,
Lizards fill the fields, buzzards fill the skies,
Just what have we accomplished? Just what have we become?
Satisfied nothing but our selfish greed and killed our very children...and I can hear you laughing all the while.

Verse you know and heed, the words of God: "Vengeance is mine,"
Your time will come.

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Getting A Grip On Things Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

Getting A Grip On Things by The Crucified: A Critical Analysis


This song, released in their self-titled album, is a powerful and intense expression of frustration, anger, and the desire for justice. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the singer's hatred towards their subject, and their longing for retribution. In this analysis, we will explore the main key messages of the song, its meaning, and its biblical implications.

I. Hatred and Anger towards the Subject:

The song begins with a strong statement of animosity towards the subject, using the word "hatred" to describe the singer's feelings. The lyrics express a desire for vengeance, proclaiming that the subject has been conquered by the singer's God, who is referred to as the "Prince of Darkness." This choice of words reflects a belief in the power of God to bring justice to the situation.

The singer goes on to describe their wish to inflict harm upon the subject, using graphic and violent imagery. They express a sense of glee at the thought of causing pain and show no mercy towards their target. The intensity of their emotions is palpable, and it is evident that they harbor deep resentment and anger towards the subject.

II. Focus on Defeat of Satan:

Amidst the singer's anger and desire for revenge, there is a shift in focus towards the defeat of Satan. They assert that Satan has been beaten and encourage the listener to divert their attention from his power and instead focus on his defeat. This notion aligns with biblical teachings, which emphasize the victory of Jesus over Satan through his death and resurrection (Hebrews 2:14-15).

III. Violent Retribution and Moral Judgment:

The lyrics take a darker turn as the singer describes the specific actions they would take to punish the subject for their perceived wrongdoings. They mention stabbing the subject for their lies, plucking out their eyes for their lustful desires, sealing their ears for their loneliness, and burning them for their bitterness. The imagery is brutal and reflects a desire for severe and violent retribution.

The song also addresses the issue of abortion, with the singer expressing a willingness to take a sword and run the subject through for their support of capital punishment for the unborn. This line reveals the singer's strong pro-life stance and their belief in the sanctity of life.

IV. Bigotry, Oppression, and the Cycle of Violence:

The lyrics delve into the issues of bigotry and oppression, describing a scenario where a father beats his wife and the negative impact it has on their child. The singer expresses a desire to paint the subject black, yellow, white, and red as a form of punishment for their bigotry. This line highlights the singer's condemnation of racism and their longing for equality.

The song also explores the cycle of violence, depicting how the child who witnesses the abuse grows up to become an abusive person themselves. This cycle perpetuates the cycle of violence and creates a ripple effect of suffering. The singer directly blames the subject for contributing to this cycle, implying that their actions have far-reaching consequences.

V. Reflection on Accomplishments and Greed:

The lyrics take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of humanity and question their true value. The singer suggests that these achievements are fueled by selfish greed and have led to the destruction of the environment and the loss of innocent lives. The imagery of lizards filling the fields and buzzards filling the skies paints a picture of desolation and decay.

The singer places the blame squarely on the subject, accusing them of laughing at the suffering and chaos they have caused. This line highlights the singer's frustration with a lack of accountability and a desire for a reckoning.

Biblical Analysis:

When analyzing the biblical implications of "Getting A Grip On Things," it is important to consider the overarching themes of the Bible, which include love, forgiveness, and justice. While the song expresses raw emotions and a longing for retribution, it is crucial to approach the lyrics with a balanced perspective.

1. Hatred and Anger: The Bible teaches that harboring hatred and anger towards others is not in line with God's command to love our neighbors (Matthew 5:43-44). While it is natural to feel anger towards injustice, the Bible encourages believers to seek reconciliation and forgiveness instead of seeking revenge.

2. Violence and Retribution: The lyrics of the song depict a desire for violent retribution, which is contrary to the teachings of Jesus. In Matthew 5:38-39, Jesus instructs his followers to turn the other cheek and not seek revenge. This does not mean condoning or overlooking injustice, but rather seeking justice through non-violent means.

3. Pro-Life Stance: The song's condemnation of capital punishment for the unborn aligns with the biblical belief in the sanctity of life. The Bible teaches that every life is valuable and should be protected (Psalm 139:13-16).

4. Condemnation of Racism: The lyrics express a strong stance against racism and bigotry, reflecting the biblical teaching that all people are created in the image of God and should be treated with dignity and respect (Genesis 1:27).

5. Judgment and Accountability: While the song expresses a desire for judgment and accountability, it is important to remember that ultimate judgment belongs to God alone (Romans 12:19). The Bible encourages believers to leave room for God's justice and focus on their own actions and attitudes.


"Getting A Grip On Things" by The Crucified is a powerful and intense song that captures the singer's deep-seated anger and desire for justice. The lyrics explore themes of hatred, violence, and the longing for retribution. While the song expresses raw emotions, it is important to approach the lyrics with a balanced perspective and consider the biblical teachings on love, forgiveness, and justice. While the song may not align perfectly with biblical principles, it serves as an expression of human frustration and a call for accountability in the face of injustice.

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