Tauren Wells - Use A Friend Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Use A Friend (feat. Jon Keith)
  • Album: Joy In The Morning
  • Artist: Tauren Wells
  • Released On: 10 Jun 2022
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Tauren Wells Use A Friend

Use A Friend Lyrics

He’s crazy about you
Didn’t wanna live without you
He traded the stars for a chance at your heart
Just to show you it’s true
He’s crazy about you
Died so you didn’t have to
Tore your failure apart
Now He wears the scars
That’s how much He loves you
Now He wears the scars
That’s how much He loves you
He’s never been mad at you
He’s only been madly in love
And it’s never been about what you do
It’s always been about what He’s done
It’s something you just can’t hear enough
Oh, He’s crazy about you
He’s never held your past against you
He’s only held you close
He’ll never give and take it back
You are the one He chose
And the more of Him you know
You’ll know He’s crazy about you
There’s not a moment you’re not on His mind
There’s no second guessing His sacrifice
He has paid it all ten million times over

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