Stuart Townend - Good Shepherd of My Soul Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Good Shepherd of My Soul (feat. Ruth Notman)
  • Album: The Paths of Grace
  • Artist: Stuart Townend
  • Released On: 18 May 2014
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Stuart Townend Good Shepherd of My Soul

Good Shepherd of My Soul Lyrics

Good Shepherd of my soul,
Come dwell within me;
Take all I am and mold
Your likeness in me.
Before the cross of Christ,
This is my sacrifice:
A life laid down and ready to follow.

The troubled find their peace
In true surrender;
The prisoners their release
From chains of anger.
In springs of living grace
I find a resting place
To rise refreshed and ready to follow.

I'll walk this narrow road
With Christ before me,
Where thorns and thistles grow
And cords ensnare me.
Though doubted and denied,
He never leaves my side,
But lifts my head and calls me to follow.

And when my days are gone,
My strength is failing,
He'll carry me along
Through death's unveiling.
Earth's struggles overcome,
Heaven's journey just begun
To search Christ's depths and ever to follow.

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