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Co'Mon Rock by Stryper

Song Information
  • Song Title: Co'Mon Rock
  • Album: The Yellow and Black Attack!
  • Artist: Stryper
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1986
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Co'Mon Rock Lyrics

Verse 1
I was born to rock and I'll give it all I've got
I'm sure these boys will say the same.
We're rockin for the rock, and I know we'll never stop.
And we well never be ashamed.
We're here to rock for you an rock is what we'll do
Until your body feels the sound.
So don't be afraid to shout cause that's what it's all about.
We've got to spread it all around.

Co'mon rock, rock, rock.
Co'mon never stop.
Co'mon rock, rock, rock.
Co'mon never stop.

Verse 2
It's catching on so fast, we've got to make it last
But we can't ever low the key.
That opens all the doors and keeps us wanting more.
It's all up to you and me.
So, let's give it all we've got until we reach the top.
Together we can make a stand.
We're here to rock for you and rock is what we'll do.
Co'mon and help us rock the land.

Repeat Chorus

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