Stephen Stanley - Note To Self Lyrics

Note To Self Lyrics

I found a photo
Of the younger me
It's funny how smiling
Can hide what's underneath
Sometimes I wish
I could go back and help
So this is what I'd say
In a note to myself

Hey there, lonely boy
Don't you worry about the future
Lord knows you're gonna get there
Just keep taking it day by day
There's gonna be some heart break
You're gonna make some big mistakes
But God's still got you even when it don't feel that way
God's still got you, so you're gonna be okay

Always reaching
Always trying to measure up
Asking the mirror
If I'll ever be enough?
I don't know everything
But I know this much
Love will follow you
If you follow love

When the running makes you weary
Find the strength for one more step
And let it lead you to the next
Try to pray more than you worry
Look for joy in every journey
'Cause I promise you it's worth it

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Note To Self Lyrics -  Stephen Stanley

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